Nana Sakata is a Sydney based artist. Since graduating from Sydney College of the Arts in 2005, she has been working on series of drawings that are inspired by childhood memories, day to day reality, ordinary objects, nature and animals.

The recurrent themes in her art practice is the depiction of imaginary creatures and their lives. Her drawings evoke emotions such as joy, playfulness and hope. The images also invite viewers to return to a time when innocence and unruliness went hand in hand, when emotions were not expected to be filtered. The drawings allow viewers to ascribe their own meaning to these mysterious and playful creatures as well as allowing viewers to explore the world with their own inner child like explorable eyes and living in a dream like world where reality becomes what they make of it.

Upcoming Art Exhibtion

I am planning a number of exhibitions for 2015. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter for all the details.

Past Art Exhibitions


  • "Happy Creatures" postcards, Avant Card, 2014
  • Kaleido magazine, vol.1, Kaleido press, 2014
  • reImagine, Artnow International Corporation, 2011

Other work

Bunny and Birds